We are in week seven of our 8-week course. The teens just left – laughing, giggling and setting up a group mailing list to be and stay in touch. They are now able to meditate for 45 minutes, focused, and seem to see and feel the benefits of it. I am – again – fascinated and grateful.

I remember our first class. They all walked into the room, anxious about what would happen and who else would be there. A stressful situation for a course that is supposed to reduce stress. Many of the teens have had insightful moments, aha moments along our time together. Sometimes this is easy to recognize, sometimes it stays hidden to me as the facilitator and this is fine as well. In this last class I was impressed by one participant.

He was very stressed right from class one. It was hard for him to sit still on a chair, and to express what he wanted to share. His face was always tense, hardly a smile or sign of happiness or relaxation. Life seemed hard. Still he kept coming, seemed to like our talks and our stories, I often read at the end.

In this seventh class he arrived very tired, I was worried if he is okay. After our practice of yoga and sitting meditation, he was totally changed. He was relaxed and happy, a bright and wonderful smile on his face. Immediately I thought of a sunrise on a summer day. It was the first time I saw him like this – open, smiling, being part of the class and almost like walking back into an engaged and happy life. Even if this is just for moments it can be the start to a different way of approaching life.

This is more than I would ever expect. It makes me happy and grateful and reminds me again why I love to do this work.