For Parents and Teens

To be a teen and to be a parent of a teen can be a challenging time in ones live. Many parents wish to support their child in becoming a self-confident, responsible and happy young adult. This is often even more challenging when school or health issues contribute to the regular chaos.

For teenagers many rules and behaviors that worked all their lives suddenly don’t work anymore. In addition their physical and emotional body is changing relentlessly without their permission. Often their whole world starts to tumble. Expectations of friends, family and social networks seem overwhelming, and the own idea of themselves only adds to this. This course allows and forces teens to stop. To take a step back and look from a different perspective on things. It can be one step to be more capable in the world, to feel better in one’s own skin, to getting closer to who you really are and what is important in your life.

For Physicians

Getting and being well can be supported on many different levels. This course can support teens with long- term or chronical challenges to better handle and cope with everyday challenges, including stress, pain and illness.

Effects of mindfulness have been scientifically shown from major universities from around the world.

For Schools

Mindfulness in schools will be offered following the .b approach, starting in September 2018.



Mindful Parenting (2-hour workshop)
When: April 22 2020, 7:00 to 9:00pm
Where: Mindfulness at Centrepointe, 261 Centrepointe Dr., Ottawa

Mindful Teens
When: March 26 to April 30 2020, 6:30-7:30pm
Where: Mindfulness at Centrepointe, 261 Centrepointe Dr., Ottawa

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (for adults) 8 week program
When:  April 21 to June 19 2020, 6:30-9:00pm
Where: Heartwood House, McArthur Ave, Ottawa

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